About this photo site:

The AI technology has very fast Iteration speed these years. The AI can do many works for us. As a professional doll’s vendor. XTdoll wouldn’t miss the chance to update our field of vision.

We studied the AI drawing usage in sexdoll We list our opinions below.

  1. The owner of doll can draw their doll in different postures. That will be an interesting thing. We know the dolls can’t set some poses that we want to see. The AI can ‘taking a photo’ at any postures.
  2. AI drawing can give you a reference to buy the clothing for you doll. You can ‘put on’ a variety of dress for your doll. Then you will find the suitable garment for your doll. It will save you money and time to purchase.
  3. The AI also provide makeup reference. This point is every useful for the doll’s vendor/brand. As we know, the result from AI drawing always not stable. AI changed its thought in every time. That means you will get the different makeup style when you mean to change the prompt. You can select the favorite makeup and send it to your makeup worker.
  4. The most exciting thing must be sharing your AI drawing work to others. XTdoll is developing a sexdoll AI drawing forum to help people to post their AI drawing to show their dolls. XTdoll will public the doll’s model library one by one. The owner of XTdoll can download the model library and make the photo in their computers. It need a Nvidia display card that has at least 6MB memory.
AI Drawing
Real Photo